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The day that never came in the year I was never Born
broccoli floret
Fig 1.0 the Food Broccoli

I am writing a Web Blog about my admiration for the Broccoli Family
for those of You who did not know, the Brocolis are a family who make James Bond!

image through the barrel of a gun of a man
Fig 1.1 James Bond Shoots a Man Through the Gun!

Jame Bond is a beautiful and mischeivious man. I would prefer if he were represented as having otherworldly origins that help
him to spread righteousness through chaos, sensuality and subterfuge (such as Puck from A Midsummers Night Dream).
Instead, he is a HUMAN MAN who comes from a house called SkyFall and was in the Royal British Navy.

James Bond Was born by Ian Fleming. And then the first Brocoli made a movie of it. His name was "Cubby. "

Cubby Brocoli

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The Same Day has Been Repeating please Send Help!
Black and White Photograph of Albert Brocoli
Fig 2.0 Mr.Broccoli is also a man

So anyways, there is Cubbby. He is the father of a woman named Barbara who I will talk about later.
Cubby was an Aries which means that he was a very fiery guy. His first name was actually Albert by the way.
Before Albert was called Cubby he was called Kabibble. Look it up, I am NOT a liar.
So Cubby bought James Bond from Harry Saltzman, who is Canadian which I am also even though borders should be abolished.
Then after he bought James he made Dr. No which is a great film and has my favourite villain in it who goes by the name of Jaws.
Never mind Jaws is not in it, I made a mistake. But listen still, I am NOT a liar.
People screw up sometimes, deal with it.

Jaws: My Favourite Bad Guy Who Is Not in Dr. No

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It is Like The Bill Murray Movie! SAVE ME
still fram of Bond villain Jaws smilingFig 3.0 Jaws is Very Handsome and looks like Michael Shannon a little

Jaws is a charming bad guy because he's got a lot of pathos and also seems very enthusiastic. He's got a very strong mouth.
He uses this strength (in his mouth: jaws and metal teeth) to assassinate people who are getting in the way of different super villains.

My Favourite part is maybe in the film Moonraker when he finds a girlfriend and you realize he's not all bad after all.

Fig 3.1 This isn't Jaws and His true love, I will explain

Jaws also has a lot of physical strength. This video shows him ripping apart a car. I recommend playing this video with no sound.
I recommend this because Roger Moore is the worst Bond and I hate to hear him talk.