Sarah's Recipe Book


  1. Boring Rice
  2. Old Bologna
  3. Garlic

Boring rice

boring close up of rice
Ingredients Quantity
Boring Rice Imagine a Beach
Carelessness Until You Cannot tell if Your eyes are Opened or Closed

Step 1:If you were boring rice I Would Not Hate You.
Step 2:I would not love you, Either.
Step 3.I would eat you with indifference, because you would be boring

Old Bologna

young bologna
Ingredients Quantity
Bologna What you can gather
Time sun will set and rise
Survivor one to eat the old

Step 1:Gather a bologna, fresh from the butcher.
Step 2:Bury it
Step 3:Wait until you die, leave a note with location of Bologna
Step 4:In your note implore the finder to repeat steps 3 and 4


illuminated illustration of people harvesting garlic
Ingredients Quantity
Yanked Cloves A full fist
Threat Of Undead As many is Present
Courage In Your Heart As Many As Will Move the Fist
Towards the Cold Heart of
The Undead

Step 1:Turn inwards and demand to Yourself if you would like to die 1 Death or 2
Step 2:Demand until The answer will be 1
Step 3:From this 1 Death find Courage to hold out full fist at Vampire
Step 4:Witness and Mourn the 2nd Death of the Vampire, who has Died once Already

Source: What Time Is It!