Travel to the Horrifying
World of My Sleep Schedule

Take a trip into the whirling twilight zone that is my nightly struggle with...

stylized eye with insomnia written inside it

Have You Always Been a Little Jealous of Meg Ryan?

Well, good news folks!
You don't have to go all the way to Seattle to be sleepless.
You can just hang out,
with me, on the internet, while I lie awake in bed.

painting of a man awake in bed


Things To Do While Trying Not To Wake Up Your Significant Other

  1. Pet the cat
  2. Kiss someone on the head
  3. Appraise and name the Void within you

Different Ways You Can Play A Trick On Your Future Self So They Can't Go To Dreamland

I hope to see you all soon here at My Trouble Sleeping.
Please inquire about our all inclusive packages with bottomless cups
of a cute valerian tisane that tastes worse as the hours go on
and the birds start to sing their dawn song

Fig 1.1

small ghost